More powerful C++ vs ASP.NET

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Hey c++ forums,
I know by the title you must be critizeing be by why is he posting this in c++ forums. I know it is ironic i am saying it here but just wanting to know can you do more with either ASP.NET or c++.
Tell me why you choose the answer.I had to ask this question because my friend said ASP.NET was better in fact of more things you could do with it.

I want the truthful answer not just to protect c++ culture.
The truth is that language wars are always a waste of time.

ASP and C++ were designed for different domains.

If your friend insists on his argument, you might want to ask him what his criteria for "more powerful" are. Assuming his reasoning is, well, reasonable, you could simply agree with him and end it.

Of course, you could just agree with him and avoid the grief of any further arguments.
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His argument was really trivial he claimed that ASP.NET had more apps i mean in what way can he think that most games most OS are created in c++ but again most web apps are created by PHP or ASP.NET but you can do well at least that's what i heard. C++ is more advanced creating most dangerous to most enjoyable application example: dangerous application: Stuxnet virus , one of the Enjoyable application: Fable III , Call of duty. is quite famous in web industry but again c++ is more known.

tell me if you agree or disagree ...
As Duoas said, language wars are pretty much always a waste of time, and these languages are for wildly different purposes. That makes comparing them extremely difficult. It's like trying to compare an apple to a tomato: they're both fruits, but you likely won't see them both in the same dish. :P

Tomato and apple chutney.

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That sounds disgusting... But then again tomatoes are just gross.
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LOL this is hilarious i started about what language is better and suddenly it became an food competion.
It's pointless to ask which language is better because it's far to subjective. Your friend's opinion likely stems from the fact that .NET has a huge class library giving tons of functionality that isn't available in std c++ (not counting external libs).
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I agree
I've already made shopping plans to make that chutney.
This is like asking which is better, business suits or swim suits?

I guess it depends on whether you're at the beach or in the business office, right?

Each is better for what they were designed to do.

Can't we have both?

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