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CAS Calc P11 - Scientific Graphing Calculator for Math and Science

In an era of applications, Finding out the best app on net is a headache but if you are looking for best apps you should look for Power App GmbH's Application. Application "Calculator" is one of the best apps online on appstore. The app is comprised with high quality graphics and best user interface.
Features of the app. -
Full Symbolic CAS System
* Easy to read print out
* Script editor
* Up to 10 functions in one plot
* Plot supports zoom and move
* Results can be directly printed via Airprint
* Send results and plots via e-mail
* ARM6, ARM7 and Dual Core optimized
* QWERTY keyboard included
* Supports external Bluetooth keyboard
* Includes manual with over 300 pages
* Choose input format: MAPLE, TI-Style or P11-Style
* Latex parser
* Direct FAQ support

The app looks simple with best features where you can operate All function of Calculator. Some added features which is very uncommon which you find in apps.
To support my statements i will write that, you will be happy with what we made and i can surely say that you will rate is as best one.

Does look nice, but if I'm using my phone for some calculation it's typically going to be small. If it's a larger deal, I'll just use my TI-8x. And if I'm on my phone, I have Wolfram Alpha which has everything I could ever want in the math world.
I'm so pissed off at calculator manufacturers, earlier this year I was working on an RPN CAS calculator for a GPS*. It's surprisingly easy to make (if you don't mind not having expressions displayed in mathematical notation). Really, there's no reason why CAS calculators have to be so damn expensive, other than pure greed.

* Explanation: most generic GPSs are really just pocket computers running WinCE and some navigation software on top. Back in April I bought one with an ARM at 450 MHz and 30 or so MB of RAM for around USD 100. An HP 50g costs more than twice as much and uses far crappier hardware.
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