What have you mapped your Caps Lock Key to?

It was recently pointed out to me that the caps lock is a pretty useless key, yet it is a HUGE key on the keyboard. What key have you mapped your caps lock to?
Any other key mappings?
Err....Caps Lock? Lol.
I remapped mine to activate TEXTUAL YELLING MODE!
I heard Emacs followers often remap Caps Lock to Ctrl.
The Control key.

Putting Caps Lock there was the single most stupid piece of hardware interface design ever. In early testing, it was discovered that people accidentally hit it enough that they modified the key shape to put that gap in between it and the A key.

Instead of just putting the Ctrl key there like everyone else in the known universe. For some reason PC people need caps like, really, really badly, dude.

Of course, there are some morons people who think that ergonomic design might save my poor pinky from having to work too hard.

I find Caps Lock useful from time to time, particularly when writing out long macro names, but that is about it. I don't think it has the import of a key like Ctrl, which I use all the time, but my poor pinky hates its default location. Why Caps was given a more important spot than Ctrl still confuses me. So I tend to agree with most of the stuff here:

Some other fun stoopid links:

I'm out of time this morning. Hope you enjoy!
I have it mapped as CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL.
IIRC vimitors map it to escape.
I find Caps Lock useful from time to time, particularly when writing out long macro names

¿what do you do with Super (aka windows)? Using it as `escape' for ratpoison
Mine is a language switch (xkb makes it easy with caps_toggle)
I use mine as a safety feature. A few of my friends know my Windows password, because there isn't really much they can dick around with and sometimes it's just handy/conventient if they have access to my PC.

However, if I have to run off for a minute and don't feel like logging off every website/application I don't want them touching (e.g. my Facebook), I log off my Windows account and press capslock. They think I have an alternate password for those kinds of moments, but it's just the caps sensitivity of the password that keeps them out.

My friends aren't very clever.
Or maybe they're just toying with you for underestimating them.
@ Gaminic: I'd suggest you activate the Guest account.

I wasn't clear, but I have indeed remapped my Caps Lock to Ctrl.

I still have StudlyPowers, though, because I remapped the Windows/Super_L/whatever key to Caps Lock.


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I set mine as my compöse key. [/boring]

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i think Caps lock key is more useful...
I use my Caps Lock to have Carl Johnson beat the crap out of people. Steal their car and run them over five or six times. Don't even ask me what my Scroll Lock does...
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