Audio Programming

Hi, I'm looking for a decent audio API (preferably open source) that plays well with MSVC. I want to do some DSP stuff, so I think I need something reasonably low level. Has anyone anyone any recommendations?
Check out OpenAL. It works pretty well.

If you have some specific DSP that you want to do, create your own library for it. Parsing a WAVE file is not too hard. Once you have the sample in an array of some sort (int16 usually), it's easy to do your DSP.

The audio API that you use will really just interface your buffers with your sound card. The content of your buffers will be completely up to you and is usually completely exposed to you.
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For an audio API for some DSP stuff on Windows, I would recommend RtAudio.

It's a fairly good yet simple API if you use the latest version, and I understand that it's not as much of a nightmare to compile on Windows as PortAudio is. :P

RtAudio seems to be exactly what I was looking for, cheers mate.
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