Productive Boredom

So I found myself with an awful lot of time on my hands today, away from home, and with no idea what to spend it on at first. I could program my synthesizer, but programming something like that on 4 hours of sleep is a bad idea in my book. Speaking of books, I could read one, but I didn't have anything with me that interested me.

Then I thought back to my drop-in CIS tutoring days, and thought "My goodness, all those numeric menus that everyone has to make are so unbelievably clunky and bulky, even in the advanced classes. I wonder if I couldn't make something to drastically simplify it."

So I spent a little bit of time writing a header to just do that. I thought I'd share my work here, and leave it up for grabs if anyone wants it. Note that you'll need a compiler with some C++11 support. g++ 4.6.3 works like a charm.


If anyone else has any stories where their boredom lead them to do something interesting, share them here!

menopause? You have an interesting sense of humor.

Also, I've never thought of using templated pointers, cool.

Edit: wrt boredom, I'm working on a new GUI for an application that my company develops. They seem to feel that the GUI which was developed in 1993 is sufficient, but I think something a little sexier would really sell. When complete, I'm hoping to sell it to them. It'll use Qt instead of a linux-specific application and will use QSS style sheets to make the "look" of it just right and yet also customizable.
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@ Albatross: Are you familiar with the term dysorthographia? Or are you just having fun at our expense? The templated function pointers are a good idea, but why didn't you make "exec()" return the type from "action()"?
The templated function pointer seemed rather strange to me. Why not just use a function? Since that's how you're treating it...

class MenuItem : public MenuBase
  typedef std::function<void()> T;  // <- no need for template

  T action;
@Computergeek01: ...and why do you think I'd want to do that?

@Disch: Because I'm eeeevil. :P
Actually, because it was a bit of an experiment to see how well I could code with templates on that amount of sleep. Yes, using std::function is the obvious and far superior solution.

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