C++ In Browser Compiler

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I am looking for a free compiler for c++ that will run in the browser. I have tried codepad and compilr already. I don't want to have to download any files to my computer. Thanks in advance!
Do you intend to do anything other than the most simple plain text, non-interactive programs?
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I intend to try to work with some of my friends on it when we are all on separate computers. I wish to create executable, usable games.
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Online games run through the browser are generally either Flash/HTML5 or use some sort of intense plugin (similar to how Quake Live works).

You're going to have to download files to your computer in any manner, a file's data must downloaded in order for you to view it (lol). I'm not sure why you're so keen on setting it up in this manner.

Is it for convenience?
Is it to simplify programming?

Either way, trying to keep everything in a browser has proven to not be the best solution.
Wait, do you want to write an online game, or do you want to use a C++ compiler through your browser? They're different things, and writing a game using a compiler inside a browser is insane, when you could just do it using a proper compiler.

@cstarter2000: If I don't get you wrong, you may try http://ideone.com/
im trying to make one but i need for the website
Wouldn't You also need to find a online compiler with a graphics library?
You could just use a compiler on a computer and save the projects to a program like dropbox which can be accessed from anywhere with the application.
computerquip wrote:
You're going to have to download files to your computer in any manner, a file's data must downloaded in order for you to view it (lol).
There is an enormous difference between downloading a file from the internet and saving it as a file on your computer, and having information sent from the internet that is only kept in RAM on your computer. My point is, the thing you get from a server is usually not even an existing file, just a generated document, and it is your choice whether you save what you receive as a file on your hard drive or if you just keep it in memory.
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It still has to be transferred from a server to your computer which is "downloading". In his case, I would think the files would be cached for offline referencing in best case scenario. But who knows...
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So, peer to peer communication is both peers uploading and downloading simultaneously?
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I draw the line differently, you have a very loose definition. I separate sending and receiving data from downloading and uploading, and the line is drawn on physically stored files.
Well, your definition is wrong. To download is to receive data from a remote source. To upload is to send data to a remote target. It doesn't matter what piece of hardware the data comes from or goes to.
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