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Hi to all of you in forum..
I need help about linking some spreeadsheet to a program writen in c++. The program should imput whole spreeadsheet and then save spreedsheat in memory as, let's say file name 1. Then, when i want to open that spreedsheat file, i have function within program to open that file when enter name "1". I'm a begginer, but don't think it should be that hard. Thank you very much for any answer and help.
If the spreadsheet you have in mind is Excel, you'll struggle to do this in C++.

The reason is that you'll need to talk to Excel thru it's COM interface. It requires good knowledge of C++, a reasonable knowledge of ATL and a working knowledge of COM to get it going.

Have you considered a .NET language like VBA?
I don't have any knowlege about visual basic syntax, i'll check it out anyway, but, any way tip where from to go for writing all in c++, ebook or something, i would like to expand my knowlege of c++. Thank you kbw.

Edit: The spredsheeat is writen in Open Office aplication
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Excel supports CSV, so you could have your program read/write CSV and have Excel export/import it.

Alternatively you could use SQLite. It's a database, not a spreadsheet, but it's probably easier.
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