Windows 8 Surface Price Outrage!!

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Brand loyalty is an emotional response to a product, it is a very unusual phenomena. It really has very little to do with logic.

Marketers refer to those who buy into a brand as "spit in their face customers".

When I was going to college I worked in a paint store (I will not mention their name), each spring customers would come in to purchase "deck wash" for $9.99 a gallon. Five gallons was a typical purchase. I would tell the customers the that "deck wash" was nothing more than diluted bleach, and the show them where the chemicals where listed on the side of the product so they could read it themselves.

At the time a bottle of generic bleach cost $.50 and it would be more than enough to create 5 gallons of "deck wash". They always bought the "deck wash" because they were convince that the brand name improved the bleach.

You can buy a rabbit,
You can buy a hare.
Don't you see,
What difference is there?
The hare has a cult following, and you can make a rabbit at home.
Ok Dr. Frankenstein...
iseeplusplus wrote:
If I graduate and start making 70K-100K a year, I'm going to get a new macbook air, I-Pad, maybe a surface, high end mac desktop, high-end non mac desktop and laptop, and various other devices and machines. Maybe even one of these
I dont think I would spend 50K on the Cray if I'm making 70 - 100K.
With those kinds of statements, I doubt he'll ever graduate or make 70k-100k a year.
What's wrong with that statement?
I dont think I would spend 50K on the Cray if I'm making 70 - 100K.

It's cost ranges from $12,000 to $100,000.

So do cars.
You read my mind kbw. I was about to make a related point.

I have always thought it was strange that a person who made a modest income would spend the money to purchase a moderately expensive car. It makes me suppose that they probably don't have any interesting hobbies. You can buy a car for $5,000 which will provide the same basic functionality as a $30,000 car (get you where you need to go). Yet if you buy the $5,000 car, with the money you save, you could also have all of the devices I mentioned buying.

My second point goes back to the original point I was trying to make; what do you care how much I spend on my computer if I can afford it?

Lastly I have no brand loyalty. Actually I have held very negative opinions about apple because of their gimmicky adapters, I hate I-tunes, and their I-pad is painfully restricted. How popular they are makes no difference to me , except that a devices popularity impacts how much incentive I have to develop for it. I wanted a macbook so I could legitimately run all three of the common operating system classes, which would be helpful to me as a software engineer. I would buy lots of different devices so I could develop software to run on them.
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Umm, am I the only one using Ubuntu? Last computer I bought, I immediately wiped the preinstalled windows, never booted even once.

On another note: I did buy an HP, and I am very sorry I did. The machine is a disaster, freezes randomly at times, does not wake up properly all the time, etc.

My only excuse for buying an HP: my old Acer's battery died, and I wanted to have computer, well, on the spot, so I bought the first machine with ok specs (on paper) in the local store. This turned out to be an HP and a HUGE mistake.

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You bought a random computer in the heat of the moment, installed some random OS on it without first checking if the hardware was supported, and were shocked when you found that the system was unstable?
What did you think was going to happen?
If it's still in warranty you should take it back. If it's not in warranty then you have no right to complain because you probably had a whole year to take it back.

Also why did you buy a whole computer instead of just a new battery? I mean, yeah, laptop batteries are expensive on their own, but still.
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