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I cant do anything with that stupid thing popping up. And when you try to just press enter, it enters something that you've previously put. I can't do crap. Everytime i try to save, boom it pops up. Anytime I try to do ANYTHIGN it's there. That stupid little thing makes this game worthless and a peice of crap. You need to fix this. I cannot even simply load a game without it messing with my input. Your game is a waste of time if you won't fix this.

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Scratch that, I can just press ESC. So the games perfect :D
worthless and a peice of crap

the games perfect :D

... haha.

I'm glad you got it working. I don't know what the console was attempting to do; I don't have anything in my code that asks you to "Enter Command Number:" so it must be a console thing. And, I've never seen it while I've been testing. What OS are you on? If it's not too much trouble, could you screenshot it for me?

As for saving at the beginning of Chapter 2 at the fight/sleep choice, I chose not to allow it at that point since you had the opportunity to save just a paragraph or two ago and SPOILER there are no choices to make before the next save opportunity. Additionally, loading from the very start of Chapter 2 gives you a long summary journal, which I thought would be better for catching players up.

What did you think of the combat? Did you have any trouble defeating the bear? What class were you playing? I'm excited that someone has made it as far as you have!
I'm using windows 7. But it's just a white box with a purple border and in purple text saying: "Enter Command Number:" If you press enter (with any number entered or not) it will display something already inputed into the game. It can be annoying if it pops up instantly, so no matter what, when you try to save, you end up saying something like Attack.

As of for the combat: Too less! This game needs more action. Maybe when after the storyline of the game so far, you go and try to kill Orson. When you attack him once, a police officer comes over and fights you. As of defeating the bear, it took a couple tries. But I killed him very soon. As of for my class, I was an archer. And a pretty fricken good one, too.

Some tips: Make the game go on forever through the night. Make the night never end. But! At the end, whisper in you daughter's ear: "Happy Birthday". Just a suggestion. Another one: Maybe you can pass by a thief along the way. Killing criminals should give you currency. Or maybe a weapon upgrade, or armour, or whatever. But, a platnium bow would be damn cool. As well: Make getting Purity points and Corruption points more often. I played throuout the entire game, and only get 4 points. Bummer. So thank you for making an awesome game!

Wow that's really strange. Does anyone else know what might be happening here considering I didn't code anything like that?

Thanks a ton for your other suggestions! Don't worry, the morality bar and combat ramps up after the intro chapters when your hero heads out into the world. Armor and weapon upgrading is already coded in, too, so it's just a matter of adding the details.

Congrats! You're now in the credits. :)
Awesome! I have plenty of more! Maybe, just maybe, when Orson is killed, the wagon with your wife and daughter speeds on down a hill. As an option, yell for your wife and daughter to escape the wagon, or run to save them. If you run, you're too late and they crash into a cave and die. Then you commit suicide. But if you tell them to escape, they get out of the wagon in time and, because of sudden weight loss, the wagon swifts to a rock and pops up into the air, smashing at the entrance of the cavern, and explodes. You give the option to save there, but then your forced to go in the cave. it has imprinted letters on a double door saying "OTNI EHT ERUTUF". You try to op[en the door, but it's locked. You then go to find the key. You have to kill a random person who is always talking about time, how we don't have enough. At the end, you must make him talk, to tell you what the key is. He says,"Backwards" and dies. You then realize, there is no key, there is a password. If you don't make him talk, you must figure all of that on your own (sucks, right?) So then, when you go to the double doors in the cave, you then have the choice to enter the password. You enter: "INTO THE FUTURE" and the doors open. (INTO THE FUTURE is OTNI EHT ERUTUF backwards) It then has a time portal. You do a quest there, being the most wanted criminal, hiding for 10 years. You back to the past and set things right. Then you say Happy Birthday to your daughter.

And how do you play the card game?
Sounds like you could write a story of your own with all those suggestions!

As for the card game, you access it by typing CARDS at the main menu. It should display the instructions before you play, but basically it's like blackjack, except you try to get your total to be 0 instead of 21. This is made possible because there's positive and negative cards (and one extra suit of cards that can be positive or negative). Each turn, you can hold or draw a new card, and whoever is closest to 0 at the end of five turns wins.
Oh :P
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