iPod Touch Not Charging!

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I have a 4th generation iPod touch and a Memorex speaker charger for it. My iPod has always charged properly with it. Not all of a sudden, it charges for a few seconds and then tells me that charging is not supported with that accessory. How can this be fixed?
buy a new charger
did you plug it in?
First of all,

Is your ipod running any ctf(custom firmware)?
Is it jailbroken?
Also, where did you buy the cable from? You might be able to return it. This might prove the easiest route. Unless of course you bought it from some knock off china company or online... or both :)

Here is some general advice for everyone:

Use Android :), Try to avoid China products(I know they are everywhere), and keep your recipts(you know, those annoying little peices of paper that get stuck to the cupholder that you conviently spilled soda in... ok maybe not.)

Finally, did you try google? Believe it or not, there are alot of answers out on the web. This is only one source and you might find an easy answer on the products website! Of course, I will always be happy to work you through your problem cstarter :)

Best of Luck,

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My iPod is running only ios 6.01. It is not jailbroken. I tried another charger for it( a cord charger) and it didn't charge on that, either. I did have it plugged in. The speaker function still works, but it tells me that charging is not supported with that accessory.
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Do you think installing this would help?


Hello cstarter,

After pondering the topic a bit more I think I may have cracked the problem.

It is not the cord or the ipod that is the issue(assuming my theory is right), but rather, the speaker(or dock), that you are plugging it into does not support charging. Rather, the speaker dock cannot charge your device and that is what is unsupported(the speaker). If this is indeed the issue I think I have a solution to this as well. Assuming that your charger connects with a usb, they make many chargers that have usb slots in them that connect directly into the wall. You would just need to plug your ipod into that and plug the charger into the wall. Next, you would just need to run an aux cable from your ipods headphone jack, to the aux jack on the dock. This would fix the issue that you are having! Additionaly, you could always charge your ipod with your computer as well. Please notify me if this is the issue you are indeed having and what happened when you tried this.
Here are some links to a usb charger and an aux cable that you can read about.

AUX cable: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Your-Own-Aux-Cable
Charger: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4439416

As always, Good Luck!

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I tried another charger for it( a cord charger) and it didn't charge on that, either.

Assuming im understanding correctly, that the charger your Iphone came with and the speaker dock wont charge your Iphone. Something in your phone is broken, or the phone itself is not allowing it to charge. Bring it into your service carrier, or where ever you bought the phone at usually they give pretty long warranties on phones and if not you might be able to talk them into fixing it for free even if its not on warranty.
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The aux cable method sounds like it will work. I will try it over the weekend. I'll be sure to get back to you on that! Thanks for the help so far!
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