Other than Microsoft or gcc

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I am curious outside of gcc or microsoft's compiler what compilers are others using regularly and why do you like them (or do not like them).

I would also be interested in knowing why you chose the compiler you are using or why the company you work for chose that compiler?

I am considering changing my compiler (gcc) and I have already ruled out Microsoft's compiler

Please no comments about Visual Studio, or gcc unless you can't help yourself or you feel the comparison is important.
Well, I use gcc, but I have heard good things about clang.
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Intel's compiler is probably the best in the industry -- for performance -- *if* you are targeting Intel processors (it can also be used in Visual Studio if you're into that).

Clang is also very good, it has better C++11 support than GCC but the code generates isn't quite as fast but it's getting better.

I've tinkered with the Digital Mars compilers but have never really done anything usefull with them.
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Delphi compiler. :^>
I've tinkered with the Digital Mars compilers but have never really done anything usefull with them.

Last time I checked, their C++ compiler didn't ship with C++03 -compliant headers (although now I see they offer a separate download "STLport" for that).

Delphi compiler. :^>

The object oriented craze.
I started using clang 3.1 during development, since it compiles faster and now manages to compile all of my projects correctly.
The final release builds are built with gcc, though, as it still produces smaller and faster binaries.
My primary compilers (at work) are IBM XL C/C++ and Sun Studio -- they happen to work best on our hardware (gcc is available, but it doesn't know how to optimize for power7), and as paying customers, we request changes and customizations when necessary.

IBM's compiler is rather nice to work with, it has detailed diagnostics and supports parts of C++11 and C11. Sun's compiler has several C++98 conformance problems and a completely broken standard library (although they provide a "recommended" alternative, it's not their default). But Sun's debugger is much better than IBM's.. but IBM has better profiling tools.. but Sun has better memory model.. there are pros and cons for everything.

For hobby projects I use GCC, Clang++ (with libc++: http://libcxx.llvm.org ) and Intel C/C++. Clang++ has the best C++11 support, standards compliance in general, and the best diagnostics. Intel has some cool libraries (TBB and Cilk), and interesting optimizations.
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