Who'd you vote for?

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E:\America\> vote "Gary Johnson" (or whoever)
'vote' is invalid or corrupt
E:\America\> government
'government' is invalid or corrupt
E:\America\> constitution
'constitution' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or agency
E:\America\> secede
Please enter signatures:
Tom Waits coz hes 'the same kind of bad as me' so i know where he stands and i know hes honest.

i think its high time america came to its senses and became our colony again before its too late
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1984: A Brave New World
but in 2012/13 ofc

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[john@australia] ~ $ cat /etc/motd
It is time to vote! Please run the command 'vote' to select a candidate!
[john@australia] ~ $ vote
Candidates are:
Enter the number of the candidate you would like to vote for: ^D
You have refused the obligation right to vote. The police will be arriving shortly.
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