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Hello ! Sorry if my post is too short.
I, disagree a bit about the used font for previewing the code in the forum.
The first thing that I say is the proportion (width) of the font should be shorter a bit.
Second, If possible, change the font face, such as "Verdana" font is a good one.

What do you think? :)
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For code, Courier New remains one of the best fonts -- if not the best. For the message body's font, I would switch it with either Tahoma or Segoe UI. Though, I find the current font selection [Arial, I think] is quite good. You have to remember that a font on your system my not be available on another system.

Don't use a font where these look the same:
I - capital letter i
l - lowercase letter L
1 - numeral one
Also don't use identifiers that might lead to visual ambiguity.
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O - Uppercase letter O
o - Lowercase letter o
0 - Zero
You forgot the [tt][/tt] tags ;)
If every font had crossed or dotted zeros, life would be much simpler.
If every keyboard were a Dvorak, life would be much simpler.
If every useless pseudo-enhancement was endlessly and undeservingly endorsed, life would be exactly the same.
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