Hidden Gems (Movies)

Just wondering what kind of movies you guys are in to. Basically I'm looking for a few good non-Hollywood movies to watch.

Some of my lesser-known favourites:
Some of South Korea's output in recent years is very good; high production values and refreshingly different styles.

For someone new to South Korean cinema, I recommend in particular "The Chaser", "Man from Nowhere" and the original South Korean "My Sassy Girl" (which is far, far better than the trite, bland Hollywood remake).
The only Korean movie I've seen was Oldboy, which I thought was rather good. Are any of these similar in style? I haven't watched many Asian movies, mainly Europe and America.
Let the Right One In:
(a little cheesey at times, and very "foreign", but really interesting. I heard rumors of a Hollywood remake that sounded terrible, so make sure you don't watch that one if it exists).

Pan's Labyrinth:
(probably have heard of this one. Stunningly imaginative and beautiful, but also very gruesome and depressing.)
I've been getting into Asian horror lately. You can watch a bunch of them for free on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0D99DE1E6CD90031
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