c++ 11


I was just perusing the c++ 11 specifications and was curious on how I move into this version?
Get an up-to-date compiler, make a note of what it doesn't actually support yet, and get coding :)

If you have a bit of a read of the compiler documentation, there will be a compiler option to set the std used to compile.
On my system with gcc 4.7.0 it is -stdc++11

If you are using an IDE you will have to figure out where to specify the option, so it compiles with it.

Hope all goes well.
I was just reading on lambdas and for-each statements and thought they were kinda cool. The lambda is like a macro, and the for-each makes it easy and safe to iterate through an array.

Hope all is well with you too TheIdeasMan.

How did you get on with finding the right info for your compiler?

With gcc there is a lot of documentation - the info about standards was ~1000 lines down in the man page.

There are some other handy options I specify as well -Wall -Wextra -pedantic. These are all about warnings. Hopefully there is something similar on your compiler.

I should investigate more of C++11 standard as well - could come in handy.
A list of Compiler compatibility with C++11
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