im thinkng of studying computer science next year, do you think i would benefit from installing linux

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to get into uni as a mature student i simply have to prove that theres no need to do an access course (prove that im already at 'A level' understanding) so maybe if i installed linux and learned to mess with unix it would be a great boon at the interview?

is their any fun stuff i could do with c++/net??

still got to understand the linkers better though first i guess
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I don't know if it would help you prove you don't need the access course, but it will make you a better programmer and a more competent PC user.
then it is done, once i understand linker settings that is
Take a look at a Raspberry Pi. Nice bit a kit for 'playing' with.

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Just don't order it from RS, Farnell will get it to you a lot quicker.
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K sounds tasty
David Braben of "rollercoaster tycoon fame"? he made 'elite' on the amiga didnt he? hes David Braben of 'highly inovative programmer/buisnessman' fame if you ask me.

Hes a hero of mine.

WOW i dont even have to install linux, i can get one of those cute lil fellas and a tiny screen and download codeblocks onto that, thanks for that guys im gonna buy one ASAP

will send you all xmas cards this year thas fer sure cheers mr grey wolf i appreciate that XD

(i love a good excuse to buy myself a toy)
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The great thing about that is its FOR learning :D
Take a look at a Raspberry Pi. Nice bit a kit for 'playing' with.

I can't believe I've never heard of that before. Oh I am going to have so much fun!
yeah grey wolf let us in on a great thing, know any thing else equally as exiting?

i wonder how many kids actually own this thing, even though its totaly for playing with
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I get googly eyes over the Arduino microcontroller, if you're into electronics and circuitry and such. So many activities you can do with that thing. And it's C based programming, so it totally relates.

I don't know, but i just ordered one from adafruit :D
I've been wanting to get Raspberry Pi for awhile now. It looks like a lot of fun to mess around with.

On the topic, when I joined my CS program I was allowed to skip the intro course and go into the more advanced courses just by showing them I had prior programming knowledge and knew a little bit about data structures.
Word of warning, don't learn C# before taking the course, because they'll teach you Java and you will hate it. Well, at least, that's been my experience. YMMV.
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im actually scared of changing from one code to another, im sure i wont get to advance so far best be safe, so i dont miss any basics, besides im having trouble grasping linked lists, thats a data structure right? cant be that hard actually, i should mess around with freinds ;)
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That's my problem with taking CS courses. A lot of the EE intro courses i'll be forced to take in the near future use python. And i hate python because of all the experience I have with C++ and its relatives.
Python is nothing like C++ or its relatives.
yes but your fingers dont know that, a tiny little day dream and you forget what language your typing in, worse if you take a bigger daydream then your fingers start talking by themselves, its scary when they do that
@chrisname That was my point. I hate python because of that.

@devonrevenge Happens all the time, haha!
How come I've never heard of the Raspberry Pi? The things I could do! I'm thinking auto-pilot for RC planes, controllers for quadrocopters, or maybe a robotic vaccum cleaner!
That's a terrible reason to hate a language. You should learn Haskell. Break out of your comfort zone.
@Stewbond Yes! I'm anxiously awaiting mine to arrive in the mail. I've never been this excited before..

I just can't grasp it. Why would you not want to declare a variable type? How could you possibly control everything? Maybe there lies the problem. I'm a control freak.
But if you must ask, i abhor the syntax. It's interpreted, not compiled, so the applications are severely limited. I mean, it's a simpler language, which is great for beginning I suppose. I'm not saying it's a bad language, it's just not for me.
And i'll have to do more research on Haskell; but I rather enjoy my comfort zone. It's... comfortable.
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