im thinkng of studying computer science next year, do you think i would benefit from installing linux

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it is a big deal in the real world.

At risk of starting a war, I'd like to posit that there is no such thing as "the real world" where workplaces are concerned.
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ResidentBiscuit said
Though that may change with Windows 8...

As much as it pains me to admit, i don't hate Windows 8. It's not the worst release they've ever done (vista.) And some features got some really cool buffs. The only thing i'm furious about is the fact that they completely removed the start menu for that new garbage metro UI, and completely removed aero glass, so all the windows look like shit again.
There should be options.. Why can't I have a say in whether or not my computer has a start menu? Or whether i use Aero Glass or not? Once that is implemented, i won't have a single complaint with Windows 8. (But my hopes aren't high for having my darling start menu back.)
I'm not a fan of Windows 8...mainly the user interface but I have also had trouble with printer drivers and .net 3.5 (on 64-bit).
By real world I mean work world. We run Linux, AIX, IBM, Mac, and Windows servers where I work. Completely neglecting Windows because you think Linux is cooler is kinda silly.
I heard i could be a more competent programmer using linux, maybe even find it easier to understand computer systems, soon i will branch out into the net, maybe understanding a little unix/ linux all that will help, i know so little about everything computer and i would like to know everything intimately , isnt windows designed so you dont have to think about any of that?

my raspberry pi is gonna have linux on it too, i only know 3 dos commands god knows how im gonna learn linux, can anyone suggest any reading material.

pfffft wiiihiihiindooows *SNURT*
Learning a *nix shell is much easier than learning DOS IMO. I know ping, tracert, and ipconfig on DOS -_- In bash on the other hand I can operate the whole system, and I typically do. All I see from my Linux VM anymore is the shell.
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