After a long hibernation...

So I took quite a long break from the programming scene. It's been about.. What, a year since I've done any hardcore work with C++. I picked up electronics, and I've been navigating my way around mother of all microcontrollers, the Arduino. Lots of cool projects to come with that.

But anyway, as I'm sitting here at work throwing a rubber ball at the wall and catching it because there's absolutely nothing to do, I realized that I've got nothing going on for me right now. And suddenly I have the urge to do something other than go home and play League of Legends all day. So I'm cracking open yet another C++ book, because why the hell not.

So I thought I'd just say hey. How's everyone doing?
And I'm curious as to how many people remember me, or how many people I knew are still here.

Hope everything's going well for you all.

I'm in the same boat. I haven't done any real programming in over 6 months. I started a new networking job at my university, and on top of classes I haven't had much time to. I'm hoping to start back up again after this semester when my load will be lighter. I kind of want to pick up a new language, just not sure what yet.
I hear that. I've been throwing my efforts towards my job too. Been working at this computer repair shop for just over a year. Usually by the end of the day i'm just burned out and don't want to deal with technology for a while. But it's been outrageously slow and i literally have nothing to do at the moment.

I thought python would be fun to pick up. I gave it a go a couple days ago and i hate it. I really don't like the idea of not being able to declare variable types. It's messy.
C# could be fun, but I can't imagine it's much different from C++.
And I don't have the balls to jump into C++/CLI.
I've been learning some maths for CS and physics. Right now I'm doing a further maths A-level course (the exam board my school used has free text books and past exam papers in PDFs on its website). I was working through a calculus book (Calculus by James Stewart) but I wanted to do the further maths before I got any further (the book is huge, it has 1300 pages. The first section of the first chapter is ten pages long and is followed by 66 exercises. The whole first chapter is just about functions. It's crazy how much detail it goes into). Anyway, so I'm learning about complex numbers at the moment. I had to start at the second module of the maths course because I couldn't find the text book for the first module (which is actually more related to CS, as IIRC it was about discrete maths and algorithms, but as I can't find the text book I'll have to get one elsewhere).

As for programming, I'm still doing it on-and-off. I'm also in the first year of my CS degree.
dont stop keep learning, i remember getting into basketball, i wanted to beat the good players, it was really anoying when they got caught up in life and came to the court months later rusty and beatable, some stopped playing forever which was sad...stay on it guys else you will get neutered by life
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I have the same book, you're going to have fun buddy :P
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