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I want to ask you guy's what i need to learn crypto programming and what are some good books to read?

What the differnt with C++ and Java do i need to learn C++ before Java?
Be aware that serious modern cryptography is essentially pure mathematics, and to code it yourself is both not advisable for anything other than fun and education, and remarkably tricky to do well.

That said, one of the best sources I've seen recently is Prof Boneh's course over on Coursera;

You can simply download the videos and watch them. Understanding the cryptography is far harder than implementing it. If you don't have the mathematics you'll struggle, so give the first few videos a go and see what you need to learn.

The following may be of interest (all chapters are available for free download from the link).
Handbook of Applied Cryptography

Also look at
Applied Cryptography
by Bruce Schneier

and his site
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