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Starting back c++. Dreading some oop topics.

I haven't studied programming in about 3 months. Before I left I was overly frustrated with code that i could never get right and no one to help me. It is hard for me to grasp the concept of two classes using each other and forward declaring it inside the other class. At the same time trying to figure out polymorphism topics. I really want to start back but i dread these topics so bad and no matter how much I read on these topics, it never clicked for me. I fought changing code over and over and over finding myself confused all together about it all. Is there anything out there better than a forum for this type of thing. I want to learn just need down to earth examples and good tutorials.
Sounds like you're talking about circular includes. If you know what the preprocessor is and how the compiling and linking stages work, you shouldn't have any trouble understanding this, as it is really simple. You just need to take the time to read about these three stages.

Polymorphism is also a straight-forward concept, the most complicated thing about it is probably the name.
If you have specific questions about it, you can ask them on this forum.

good tutorials.

These two are usually mutually exclusive. You should get yourself a renowned book.
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Forward declaring classes is not an OOP topic. It's a C++ topic, having to do with the fact that you must declare a type before using it
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