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Enjoy your xmas guys, its proly your last, next christmas santas lookin for a job, and miss santas stewin reindeer meat (is that venison)

keynes is rejected by millionaires cos it doesnt endorse trickle down, millionaires run the world.

unfortunately keynes style is usually always bang on, so were doomed.

did anyone see that ted talkthat the republicans managed to temporarily silence, the one going on about how wealth is created by the middle class and the super wealthy are actually just leeches/economy cancer?
"the one going on about how wealth is created by the middle class"

That's not considered news, surely? It's standard sociology1. It's been the accepted wisdom for as long as I can remember (although I come from a country where anyone taking Ayn Rand seriously is considered.... a simpleton, shall we say, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was indeed news to some people).

1. Defines "middle class" as "people permitted to benefit from the fruits of their own labours whilst not actually holding power - cf the industrial revolution and the rise of the middle classes".
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in this case its people who use some money to start little buisnesses, i know it seems like common sense but its techicaly socialism and people think socialism is communism and that Communism is totalitarianism, aint nothing wrong with socialism, its pretty much sociology after all.

but wall street (aka republicans and democrats) would have you thinking it wasn't common sense.
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Is this us politics? :P I got no idea what you guys are talking about!
yeah and its technically related to the original topic cos next year they are going to shoot santa and rudolf for being red.
This is my face right now:

Something that would be really nice would be to get an answer to this:

Preferrably before christmas.. :P
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