will cygwin run?

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If I write a program compiled using gcc through cygwin would it run while not running cygwin?

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Follow up question.

Does anyone use gcc and cygwin and is it worth the trouble? I have no plans to ever distribute any program that I write.
chwsks wrote:
Does anyone use gcc and cygwin and is it worth the trouble?
If your code uses POSIX, then you need a POSIX subsystem for Windows. I don't know what the current state of Windows and POSIX is, it may only be available on servers now.

So if you need POSIX and it is not available on your windows system, cygwin is worth it. ... I think.
Could always go with Posix Subsystems for windows.
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Cygwin depends at LEAST on cygwin1.dll, and there's no static library. If you don't depend on the Unix emultation, you can pass -mno-cygwin to the compiler and it'll use the Windows runtime instead of the cygwin one but it only works if you don't use the Unix emulation.
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Thanks to those of you who took the time to answer this, you may not realize it but your answers were very helpful.

Thanks again
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