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Building Linux kernel... Taking so long!

This is the largest thing I've built before and good god is it taking awhile.
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Takes 10 minutes on my machine. If you want long compile times, try compiling Boost or Qt.
If you want really long compiling times, try compiling KDE. Now it is probably faster, but KDE 3.x series took two days to compile.
It took me about an hour and a half to compile 3.6.7 on my Intel i5 quad core 2.8 GHz. Two days just sounds ridiculous haha
Bad Back in the day it would take half an hour plus just to run through the configuration of Linux then four or five hours to compile (100Mhz 386)
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I would imagine if I actually went through the config and didn't take all the default answers, that would have taken me a good while to finish
Did you use gconfig? You should use gconfig, it's much easier.
Nah I just used oldconfig. First time doing this and it seemed like oldconfig would be the simplest
gconfig has a GTK GUI, it's a lot easier to use.
I'll keep that in mind, I need to do this one more time on a different machine.
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