wired 2012 december issue

I saw the cover story (for those of you who don't read or haven't gotten wired yet its about a guy saying passwords are a thing of the past and u can still get hacked), and starting to get into security, i sat down to read it. i got to the end of the page. Now please let me know if this is being programmer/elitist, but didn't that guy make every newbie mistake in the book? i mean ive just been really into computers for just two years and already, just out of common sense, change my password every time (i can remember all of them but if you cant just use a password manager) i make a new account, never click remember password so that it saves to my machine (i trust the server its saved to), run everything i dont know through a sandbox, and never link accounts. i mean if you think about it these are simple things and I have never had to use any other av software and never had an unintended virus or gotten hacked. and i have downloaded some "shifty" things for what the software claimed to be. like hacks for vba roms
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No idea what you're talking about (What's wired? A magazine? On paper?). What exactly did the article say?

I myself have 4 or 5 different passwords that I use (I'd use one, but sometimes they force to change it, or have extra restrictions). Run whatever I download. Link accounts when I can (why would that even be a bad thing?). And I also have never had to use any (other?) av software and never had an (unintended?) virus or gotten hacked. And I'm not conservative about downloading, whatever "shifty" means.

In other words, I think you're paranoid. For passwords, unless we're talking bank account, you should have the humility to admit that nobody cares to steal them. For random software, it might be dangerous, but I don't see it worth the effort. I semi-trust my sources. Also, there is nothing of value in your computer, it there?. If you're worried about loosing your sources, git.
I get Wired, and yes, I agree that story is weak. especially for cover, but the majority of people aren't like you (most people do click 'remember password'!).

I think the point they were trying to make was that you have more to lose if all your stuff is on the clouds.
I have about four different passwords, which are all permutations of the same couple things, and I've never been hacked. Nor do I use any extra AV software. Any sensitive passwords that I ever use (work related) we store in an encrypted database that can only be accessed via wired connection on certain machines, or VPN with those same machines.
@hamsterman: wired is a magazine. linking accounts is bad because if i hack into one then i can get into all the ones its linked to without the passwords. I run things i dont trust in a sandbox becuase i have downloaded from sights where the exe could have easily been a virus. i have gotten into anti-virus software so i made some harmless virus' just to test it out, which is what i mean by unintended. and yes people do care to steal passwords. i have friends whose facebook and email were hacked. because then if i have your email i can get your bank account. and yes there is valuable things i dont see where you got that but i dont have to worry about it because of the steps i follow. im not paranoid
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