WPA2 issue?

So I recently changed my home WiFi encryption scheme to WPA2 and now at least once a day (maybe more, haven't tested it much yet) it causes me and other people to have to re-enter the password. This is kind of annoying, and didn't happen with WEP ever. Only other thing I changed on my router is I turned off UPnP, but that shouldn't affect anything. Any suggestions?
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My first guess would be to suspect the client software or network card. I'm surprised you've been using WEP, its been crackable for years.
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Yea I hadn't really thought of changing/caring about it. I live in a rural area where someone would have to be standing in my yard to even see my wifi.

After some research I found it was only happening on iPhone and I guess current OS on the iPhone just has some WPA2 issues (since when did Apple not screw up wifi) so I might downgrade to WPA and see what happens.
I wouldn't downgrade for one client, but that's me. Are you using AES? If so try switching to TKIP (if it's an option)
Well, the whole house uses iPhones. Currently it's set as AES, TKIP is an option I'll try, but from what I was reading it probably won't do anything.
Are they all iphone 5 (ios6)? This thread has more possible fixes if they are. http://discussions.apple.com/thread/4339516?tstart=0
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They're actually iPhone 4 all running 6.0.1.
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