Fun with C++?

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Is there something fun that can be done with c++...?
Something entertaining...?
Or is it all boring only...?

yep all boring.
here are some things that were made in c/c++
-the internet
-im pretty sure ruby and python
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I heard games are programmed in c++...

Anyone knows what all exactly does one need to know to make a decent game...(not like text based or tic tac toe.. )
learn lots of math then opengl
however saying that proves your new to c++ which means you should start with something simple first
How to make a game

There are countless tutorials on the internet. A "decent" game requires years of understanding programming
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Besides game ,

neebody knows of anything else that would be interesting to do in c++ ??
Theorically speaking you could create an imitation of life with it. But it depends on what you find interesting. Some people like to create and spread viruses for fun (if you're one of them: please die). You can make a movie player, an image viewer, a file converter, a compiler, a new scripting language, etc, etc...
Any program you've ever seen or heard of could be written in C++. All of them. Did you find anything on a computer, ever, interesting?
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Ofcourse it all depends on what you think is fun. I get a big smile on my face each time a program successfully compiles without errors. And if I realise something that I didn't understand before. From what I can gain from your question it looks like you are not really interested in programming itself but what the product you make is. So unless you think the coding and math is fun you wont get anywere close to what you consider fun. (You will have lots of problems making a simple text program if you don't practice the coding part first)
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