Raspberry Pi and Windows Dual Boot

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If install the operating system Raspberry Pi, will it delete my Windows 7?
Raspberry Pi is not an operating system.
raspberry pi is a computer that holds an os
Actually an sd card holds the OS, Raspberry pi is just the board and chips.
yeah i meant that but its an external piece of the computer. its like ram. its a part of the computer
My main board is an asus m4a87td-evo. My hard drive is a WD Green 500GB Sata drive. My hard drive is a piece of the computer, therefor my hard drive may be referred to as an asus m4a87td-evo.

By your logic the above statement is correct.
no your going backwards. the hdd is a part of the computer. im not calling the ram the computer but a part of the computer
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Oh! Thanks for the response!
You mean Linux, the Raspberry Pi's operating system is Linux, also, no it should not delete Windows 7 if done correctly. I recommend back it up with an external harddrive :)
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