What time is it?

Hey just interested to know what time it is where you are. Maybe I am weird (http://images.firstcovers.com/covers/userquotes/i/i_don%27t_suffer_from-6862.jpg failed link attempt.) but to me this would be cool. And please do not suggest a world clock.

My time: 07:37 Sat
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I don't know - my clock is in UTC & I am no where near there!!! However is it is daylight if that narrows things down a bit for you.

Sorry couldn't resist that.
When you posted, it was 5:37 am for me.
20:00 Sat for me.

@chrisname you are almost on the other side of the world to me (bad English, I know)
I posted this at 5:56pm according to my PC clock

I'm in the UK, so I'm in GMT, which is more or less UTC...

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When you posted it was 12:37AM here. Now is 1:00 PM
When you posted it was about a half hour till midnight.

edit: that was really weird. When I posted all the time stamps in this thread changed to "unidentified NaN NaN NaN at NaN:NaNpm"
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@Cheraphy: wtf, did it change back (admin, what went wrong?)

PS: lol, the question was rhetorical
The time is: now.
You posted at 11:37 P.M. for me. (23:37)
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You posted at 9:56 am (Saturday) here in rainy Los Angeles
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Now I have to go to bed and think up new things... (11.00 p.m) :)
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yeah is bed time, for me now at 23,18 thas four hours and forty minuets after you posted...night guys (is wierd to think your all scattered over the planet)

oh yeah if your a pilot you use ZULU time... how cool is that
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Like no one saw this coming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3ZmJYkWLNc

7:30pm my time EST
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