Game Development (that's not useless)

Hello everyone, I read this article last night and thought that I'd share. There are so many game development articles out on the internet that are so broad and vague that by the time that you're read them, you find yourself asking why you even bothered in the first place if the only thing that you'd get out of it was a block of pseudo-code to copy&paste...but this is quite different. It's an article examining a game in as many quantitative figures as possible. The game that's being dissected is Final Fantasy 6 (for the SNES). The internal mechanics of the game are not examined, but rather it examines all of the non-code development parts that went into the project (plot/gameplay/characters/sfx), which is in my opinion, exponentially more difficult than typing out code. It was an interesting read.
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The real challenge is marrying the non-code parts with the code-parts to make a good, playable game instead of a broken mess. You can't have one without the other.
darkestrfright is right, you can't have a playable game without a broken mess. Bethesda alone have taught us that much.
Oh, wow. It actually is quantitative. It's the closest I've seen to numerical masturbation.
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