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I have recently installed Ubuntu (12.10) and being an absolute newbie to ubuntu/linux am having problems. I have a belkin F7D4101 usb wireless device, that I have been using on my windows, that Ubuntu does not regognise. After installing Ubuntu and searching the web for any help/tutorials/ect. to try an solve my problem I have done the following:
* Tried to install ndiswrapper (failed)
* Tried to find my drivers .inf file (failed)
* Gotten extremely frustrated (success)

Please any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Tried to install ndiswrapper (failed)
┬┐really? post the command and the error.

> Tried to find my drivers .inf file (failed)
try http://www.wikidevi.com/wiki/Belkin_F7D4101

> Gotten extremely frustrated (success)
Pet a cat.

Good luck
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