Free Coding! like free writing you just watch your fingers type and engage your mind as little as possible

Writers who get writers block practice freewriting in order to get into the flow again, but can coders who are creativley 'blocked'?

It might be easier for the more experienced coders but what would you wind up with? can i see your examples?

i wanted some kind of fun consequences game post to happen, this will do instead XD
Code has too much structure (both syntactic and semantic) to do something like that, I think.
Wow! In short : I can... :(
But, you'll need to give more information... Because actually I don't really understand your idea at all :)
no, lies, nonsense, drivel its completely possible, you wont be able to go completely under no, but you can free code.

if i were to ask you to speak without thinking about it, but in sentences you will go off on one without thinking, but you will have to think just enough to make sure the sentence is correct, so if you can do that then you can code, im sure its different, just throw a function in and use it for something and then throw another function to mess with a class object that...

you get the picture, just code without thinking about the result too much, i was thinking of creating a program that simulates spoonlicker on a forum, and you gotta talk him down and make him feel small, i might call it 'Spoonlicker; the game'
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