PM that made me shake my head.

Holy balls you are a dick! What do you want from me man? I'm just asking questions. Don't read the thread, don't reply if you don't like it.

The question reads "Also override the stream insertion operator so
that users can print the point to the screen in the format [x, y, z]." The way I read it, whether it is asking for the actual distance or not, what the question wants is the difference between each x, the distance between each y, and the distance between each z, so that's what I did. It was a learning experience and it was fun. If the proctor comes back and says, "No, I wanted the actual distance and I wanted you to print the INPUTS in that format" then I'll code that.

"And P0.Distance() doesn't actually do anything related to P0."

That's why I made it the origin point. Are there better ways? More proper ways? I'm sure! I'll bet you could have done the assignment in 15 minutes while stoned with dorito powder on your fingers. What is your problem?

After posting in

He's bound to make some coworkers happy when he graduates.
He must have been having a pretty bad day, some people get peeved when a superior attempts to help them by giving them the bad news that their program is as efficient as dirt.

Though you can by cynical at times, having some pretty blunt answers, no self esteem spared for the user. Don't take that the wrong way either, it's the kind of attitude needed to show put some beginners in their rightful place.
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