Im trying to install phpmyadmin on windows 7 not sure how the install goes, but I beleive i need php5 and mysql. Do i need those before I can install phpmyadmin and is the software intended for linux or is it still fairly easy to install via windows
Hello, you might want to check out the xampp suite. I've had very good luck with it. Plus, they have cute girls on their site for no particular reason. I'm in a toss-up over who's cuter... Miss Windows or Miss OSX. I think Miss Linux has an attitude problem...turning her back on us like she's better than us. Well, actually I think that Miss OS Portal ranks higher than all of them.

I digress...
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This comes with everything you need in a convenient installer.
This is usually what I use on my computer.
It came with Apache, MySql,PHP,sqlite and phpmyadmin and it is very easy to add Perl or Python too.
Be sure to keep it updated regularly. Phpmyadmin is known for being very insecure. All of our security breaches where I work in the last 6 months have been due to an exploit in phpmyadmin that could have been mitigated if it had stayed up to date
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