Best Marriage Proposal Ever

I've had the way I plan on proposing to my future wife planned since I was 16. I told it to a friend recently, they thought it was a great idea. I thought you all might appreciate it as well so I figured I'd share. I should note that this, or something similar, has been done before by a webcomic artist. I had this planned before I knew of that, though.

Basically I'm going to make a short platformer where she is the protagonist. There's some story to it, My character is a companion NPC, and it builds up to a point where ingame me proposes to ingame her. To which she'll turn around and see me on one knee, ring in hand. I figure if there's any chance she would have said yes before this, this proposal will get a definite yes :P
That sounds like a good idea - in order for you to make the game enjoyable for her, you have to know her well enough not to make it too easy, too hard, too confusing, too time consuming, etc. so in the end you will know her very well. But what about the other way around? Will she know you from the game?
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Love is not a symmetric relation, so she doesn't need to :p
wait a mo i will run this by my GF

GF thinks...

Thats quite good quite funny, not romantic but funny
Honey, will you marr <segfault @0xfcfcfc>.
Honey, will you marr <segfault @0xfcfcfc>.

Hmm null pointer exception, guess he wouldn't be able to consummate the marriage anyways.
I don't know what to think. When your game alter-ego proposes, the possibility of rejection by seeing him shot in the head is a pretty harsh...

Of course, your game should also give the option to hug and kiss, or something... which would segue into a really nice real-life hug and kiss...
I'm sorry but your princess is in another castle.

Wonder what happened with this
Make sure the game isnt too brutal and theres no dying by having a zombie eat you when your on your knee oh yeah if she says no hes got to die violently too,gun shot to the head
So, do you have a girl you'll do this to, or is the thread random?
Wonder what happened with this

Nothing. I found an other one. It's kind of funny, because we've
known each other for quite some time (she would even give me
advice on how I should approach the one in that thread above)
but never saw each other in that way until recently.

However, I'm not giving up on the first one just yet... I'm still developing that puzzle game [1]. The process is slow though, as I don't have much free time. I've added some more tools and obstacles (potions - golems as a key - door mechanism, bodyguards and candies, rocks that can be moved if there's empty space behind them) and reworked the graphics (using blender) of the entire desert tileset [2], a big part of the ice tileset [3], and the characters (here's a close-up of the girl -> [4]).

At the moment, I'm playing with cocos2d-x, so that I have
the same, C++ codebase for windows, android and iphone.


EDIT: On topic, @ OP: I love the idea and hope it works!
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I found an other one. <...> I'm not giving up on the first one just yet...
So you're two timing? Cute.
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