Hey guys I just applied for a CS degree as a mature student, how much do you think i should know

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Your posts are far from dyslexic. You really should take the foundation course, it is more than you think.
devonrevenge wrote:
... they know its not necissary
Think of it this way. They don't know you from Adam. Unless you have carried out some accredited certification recently they are not going to be able to judge how well you are going to handle learning in a university environment. Foundation years are not about money for universities, there are better ways for them to get money. They are to get you back into education and make sure you start your degree at a known level.
i just wont be able to pay for a foundation course, plus i dont have four years, i hear you though...its a good point that they dont know me all the more reason to go see them

@LB far from dyslexic LOL, sry i am also exited when typing that doesnt help. maybies i shud get on the valium
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If you can't pay for one foundation year, how are you going to pay for the next 3-4 years?

Just do it and stop complaining. If you already know it, then it'll be easy credits. If not, then you learn something. Either way you come out ahead.
u dont get loans for foundation years but k -_- sry

Where are you from? Here in the U.S. you get loans the first year
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I have no idea what you are talking about "you don't get loans for foundation years". If you are only going to college for that 1 foundation year yes you can't get a loan, or I should say it would be hard to. However, if it is an integral part of a 4 year course you'll be entitled to the same HE funding as anyone else. So since you are planning on doing a 4 year course you will be able to get loans and maybe grants.

Also another thing I picked up on is "I don't have 4 years". So your going to get a associate degree? If you are I would reconsider that because them are worth next to nothing now days. Get your schooling over with while your still young and have the time.
well if i am good enough to get an MA then i will find a way to stay i guess proly will tooh, just by the time i finish my foundation course in the next year and a half i will be doubly filled with programming fluff, the stuff i will have been teaching me between now and september, the stuff i would have been teaching me between that september and june i take the acuall course, im going to have to wait three years to feel a challenge in education, maybe four.

@resident biscuit, foundation years are separate from the uni over here, you dont get student loans for them unless your lucky and special.

oh yes am uk tooh.
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I'm thinking your getting the wrong impression of what college is... When you go to college for lets say a Computer Science degree you aren't going to be taking just programming and computer related classes... You will still have to take math, English, and basically all the standard classes to. Sure they will specialize your course schedule according to what you will need in your chosen field of work, but you will have to learn other things to.

Also you are not going to college just to "learn", you can do that on your own if you wanted to. You go to college to get a degree so when you do go out and apply for a job as lets say a programmer they know that you had training and experience.

So to sum it all up. You go to college to learn about more then just what you want to learn. And you go to college to get something to put on your resume.

And once again you do to get student loans for foundation years as long as they are a integral part of a degree. Like your situation for example, if they make you do a foundation year before you can do your 2 year or 4 year it WILL BE COVERED BY STUDENT LOANS. This applies in the UK also.

If your serious about this talk to the course director at the college you are going to apply to, because they can answer all these questions for you a lot easier then we can
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Hurr, Okay good point :) just will have to deal with my girlfreind in three years (she cant wait to leave london, i will stay here nother yeer :P)
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