Help with Naming a Software Company

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A life long friend of mine and myself are looking to start up a software company that will mainly deal in gaming, and mobile Apps. We are trying to agree on a name but it seems every idea we come up with one of us doesn't like it or the domain name is already taken (or their are companies with similar names in the same field). So just thought I would see if you guys had some ideas.

Here is our checklist of things we cant have. You don't have to follow these just thought they might be useful.

1) Can't be a real word like "Adobe, Amazon, Apple" mainly because we can't afford the domain name cost most likely. And we will have trouble trademarking it.

2) Would like it to be less then 15 characters

3) Prefer compound and misspelled names (Like Firefox, Photobucket and Topix, Digg)

4) We are not planning to market to the corporate audience so don't necessarily need a professional sounding name.

That's about it thanks for any ideas.
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Ya I've been playing with word generators for awhile now but have found very little that both me and my partner can agree on, and when we the name is taken. It also doesn't help that I'm not the most creative person when it comes to words. Should see the whiteboard I have, it has at least 100 words on it but yet I still cant come up with a solution
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It's not the name that counts, it's everything else.
e.g. "Google", "Apple", "Valve".
My younger brother (who's graduating from college this year) and I have just recently started a little 'company' and we took our last name, reversed it, and appended "studioz" to the end of it -- because the domain with an 's' on the end was taken (and the premium price for it was $8,000). This worked in our case, because the reverse of our last name turned out to be a really cool word.

John Doe --> EOD Studios

Jabberwocky Ridel --> Ledir Studios

Or... maybe a Latin term?

Pinnaculum Studios

Good luck!
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My online company that I need to get space for and start back up is Specter Entertainment (I went through a lot of name changes before settling on that one).
Sub-Zero Games! I got that in the business name generator and thought it was cool. I'm gonna keep playing with this. Taking basic words and using their Latin equivalent always makes for a cool name.
Sub-Zero Games? Hello lawsuit from WB and NetherRealm.
Lol, I suppose checking the name first is a good idea. I just thought it sounded cool.
Deep Beaver Games (from business name generator), made me laugh.
Zereo Game Studios? Oerez Game Studios?
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@greywolf Lol ya don't think that would work.
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Ynapmoc Yrawtfos
While fun, not really helpful or anything in that regard as it is just taking your string and adding words around it. I entered my company name (Specter Entertainment) and just kept getting names added around it. The one that made me shake my head was "Ice-Cold Glass Specter Entertainment Company".
I already have my name Volatile Pulse Programming, Production, or Performance, all depends on the field I get into, and look: VPP for all three...yeah, I may have thought about it once or twice, what of it?
Some good names you guys have come up with. I just had them trademarked. You can PM me to negotiate on a price if you still want them.

My backtracing name generator:

#include <iostream>
#include <map>

using namespace std;

bool repeat(string g) {
	map<char,bool> r;
	for(int i=0;i<g.length();i++) {
		if(r[g[i]]==true) return true;
	return false;

void back(string src,string s,int l,int n=0) {
	if(!repeat(s)) cout << s << endl;
	if(n>=l) return;

	for(int i=0;i<src.length();i++) {

int main() {
	cout << "Enter a word without letter repeat: ";
	string text;
	cin >> text;
	string s(text.length(),text[0]);
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Some good names you guys have come up with. I just had them trademarked. You can PM me to negotiate on a price if you still want them.

Nice joke, but thank God for Internet. We could use this thread to show we came up with it before you trademarked them and sue you for more than what you would have charged us *evil grin*. ;)
wooh i love these, find an odd or old language and find the word for the bracing and exiting things, (Bethesda,allegro, Borobudur) hang on borobudur isnt taken..kay welsh for lightening is mallten (machshten) hrmm mac ten?

modhenoiri is battle fury in irish, then we got loads of norse gods skali is a cool one, i like the word trifecta but i dont really know what it means, this is my input if you become a big multinational i want you to put me in charge of cool names for things
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