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Thinking of dropping a gameidea for an open C++ project

Been working for a few years on a game idea and learnt C++ because of it.
but reading so much about open source and the wonders it does I'm thinking about doing some kind of open C++ project with it.

Where do I post this? and also the entire Idea, mechanics, code thoughts is in Swedish so I'll need translate it.

And lastly what do you think of this idea? Could we perhaps use this to get some people to learn more about C++?

And this idea is kinda dear to me so haven't decided on tossing it out there yet so please convince me!
The thing about an open source game is that there are so many subjective decisions and paths that your project can take. I think it's easier to have an open source project where the software has a clear goal or purpose. With some software, code either works correctly and is bug free or not. With game dev, code is part of the building blocks of the game design, and can either tie in well with the overall game or not, and can lead to a boring or fun game. I guess what I'm saying is that you can have too many cooks in one kitchen, and you can have too many artists painting on one canvas.

For these reasons, I think a game will be more successful if you have a small and close group of people collaborating with strong communication over the larger picture and goals of the project. Too many people independently working on different parts of the game might lead to an inconsistent and uncohesive game. Your team needs to be on the same page. You also need people with different skills, like artistry/graphics, sound, and story, who have clear responsibilities.

Don't get me wrong, I think that an open source game can be successful, but I think it needs to be approached carefully. You need to have good and constant communication, and you need a visionary or two to act as authority figures and assign tasks.
Hmm yeah but I still need to find them and most of the game mechanics are worked out.
And I think it can be done by having leading figues in each of the areas. For example programming, visuals, sound, game mechanics.
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