Best job's avaliable to a undergraduate of computer science


I want to get a bachelor of computer science because i find the topics discussed in university quite easy compared to other subjects and i was just wondering what are the best jobs you can get once you graduate from a computer science degree?

Also what are the most top paying jobs?

I did do a Google search before posting this, but I just want the thoughts of fellow programmers alike and see if they think any differently then the article writers of the internet.

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Getting a Bachelors degree in Computer Science opens up most programming jobs to you (although most will require actual experience as well). The highest paying jobs are in the financial sector, but those are relatively exclusive and few. Game programming also has fairly high salaries, some of the highest once you get up there. I also know that the security sector is exploding with new jobs right now too, so that would be a great thing to specialize in. The pay should be pretty high as well.
Indeed, it's a long road from a BS in CS to a 250k/year C++ programmer in a StatArb firm. You might want a PhD for that kinda thing.

But in general, I have a feeling that salaries are about the same across the board, for similar levels of experience, just because it's easy for a programmer to change jobs.
Does anyone know what are the specific names for these kinds of jobs?
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