One Meme Haiku

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One does not simply
Write a haiku the first time
And get it correct

Edit: Just wanted to write it down before I forgot.
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I like.
these are fun...hrm haiku generator.
Not a haiku, but this came to mind at the high school today:

Jimmy and Alice
sitting by a tree
eating an apple

First comes love
then comes
    "Hey, baby, I think we should see other people."
then comes Jr.'s broken heart in jail.

Alas, too many kids screw up (double entendre intended) and ruin more lives than their own.

(I work with special ed kids. A lot of them are where they are because their parents aren't there for them, or even love them.)

Foo. Sorry for the dark stuff. @LB, fabulous haiku. I'll remember that one!
You may like it now,
But if I make another
Would it be too much?

(Haikus aren't that challenging to write :p)

@devonrevenge Nope, just a random thought today in school.

@Duoas Heh, you scared me - the first three words I saw were "Not a haiku" and I quickly looked up the definition of haiku to make sure I knew what it was. Then I read the rest of your post and realized you were talking about your own poem XD
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no i was thinking aloud, making a haiku generator was a nice idea.

had a good idea,
i will generate haikus,
LB will like it.

That's not a haiku. Haikus are 5-7-5, yours is 6-7-5.
No it isn't.
devonrevenge wrote:
had a good idea,

1 had
2 a
3 good
4 i
5 de
6 a

Maybe it just depends on where you live. For me, idea is three syllables.
I pronounce idea with 3 syllables as well. I think chris is from the UK (if I remember right) so it could be different there.
Americans pronounce idea as i-dee-a? My worldview is crumbling!
I'm genuinely do folks from the UK pronounce i-dee-a? Id-yah? I can't wait for a response, so I'm googling it.

I - dia ?
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It rhymes with fear.
I-dear? :O
@RB you have to understand, some people pronounce fear as fee-uh. I tend to pronounce the R more often than not, though.
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Your language sucks big,
somebody says `ghoti' as `fish'.
Lets use lojban, please
.aidi'a. (3)
.aiDIY. (2)
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its a poem you can bend the english

but to my disappointment
how is there a 'how many syllables' website!? what kind of man?

anyway i fixed it

A good idea;
i will generate haikus,
LB will like it.

guess LB didnt like it.
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Yes, but we don't pronounce the r, we use a glottal stop instead. Pronounce it such that the following joke makes sense:
What do you call a deer with no eyes?
No idea!

(I said that it makes sense, not that it's funny).
@chrisname I pronounce the R in deer :\
I know, but you're American; in England (or at least in the south east) we don't.
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