Does anyone

Know anything about this?
Any info please?
Yes. It's called a "Universal Resource Locator". It's a text reference to a file in a network.
No, go to it lol. It's a computer lemote I believe how you spell it. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about the computers.
Looks to be in Chinese, I do not know Chinese.
It's claims to be an opensource notebook with a 900Mhz non-standard CPU and sells for over $1000 USD? Why would you think this is a good investment? At least it looks like GCC supports the instructions set.
Computergeek01 wrote:
non-standard CPU

There's no such thing as standard and non-standard CPUs.
Why the heck did I write non-standard? I definitively meant to write soldered on. I must be losing my mind.
Heh, that is weird.
Why would you think this is a good investment?
I didn't say I was going to buy it. I was just looking around online randomly and was like what is this? I never heard of it so I thought I would ask.
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