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What order should i learn things by? what order did you learn everything

I heard lots of you get to help develop open source games for fun, can i do that yet? anything else i can do? do you have any direction for learning, with buckies you tube lessons i could learn the next thing now i learnt all that i have to guess my way, im gonna install sfml (i never finished sdl but i will go back to that)

what is the suggested route oflearning
Step 1 is to stop making from silly to semi-intelligent threads and to actually write some code. Pick something a bit challenging so that you can go back to it and see how much you've improved.
I completely agree with hamsterman, and will add that I think you should focus on learning the language first. I've seen some of your code and you definately need practice on the fundamentals, trying to jump ahead to more complex topics, IMO won't help you in the long run. But with that said SFML is fairly easy to use and fun to play with, though the installation can be a pain. I will recommend sfml-coders tutorials and suggest you start with SFML 2.0 as it is developed branch (1.6 is deprecated).

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kay then im going under if people say 'where is devonrevenge anyway' say hes off coding
Now you changed your Bio, devonrevenge?
yes im a farmer now
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'where is devonrevenge anyway'

Said nobody on this forum, ever.
be nice if someone answered the question

EDIT:they will one day, and you will all be really sad that i was right :P
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