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problems with making an installer for windows 7

Dear all,
i have run into a problem when I wanted to distribute a c++ program i made to some colleages. I made a c++ program that uses the Qt library. specifically, it needs some dll's from Qt 4.8.3
I use visual studio and i saw that for free you get the program "installshield lite" with it, so I made a small installer that puts my program and the qt dll's in the program files folder of the person that runs the installer. It also installs the c++ runtime redistributable on the machine if that is not there yet.

Then i gave this installer to some people, and those that had windows XP said it all worked fine, but those that had windows 7 said that they couldnt install it because they were told that you had to be an administrator to install it. However, they also said they had been able to install almost any program themselves, soI belive i must have missed something...

When making the installer, i was asked by the gui of installshield if the installer should install for all users of a machine or just for the user. I chose just for the user.

Has anybody run into this problem before or does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
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