How did you start learning C++?

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Yeah they are. I take full responsibility for me ultimately quitting, but it is really had to finish things when you ask for help or want to understand a bug you have and the solution you get is this (a year ago):

Note that it solves the bug by simply ignoring collisions that happen at the sides. It may or may not be what you want, but it prevents the bug...

Because I'm picky as hell about wanting to understand why a bug is there I posted a year later and got ripped a new one for not understanding collision detection (as it is easy) and the same guy said:
I remember nearly a year ago he sent me his code with the collision not working correctly and I fixed it to work properly... and yet he's still having these issues. It's depressing.

I use Google like an addict and I never found a solution for the collision and even found that several on here have also had the same problem. Sadly, I hadn't came around here until a year ago, but the damage they did was already done. The site in question has made it so that I'm not even comfortable posting question because of thinking I'm just going to be pulled apart and flamed. I thought they were there to help and instead for 11 years I just got ridiculed. Thankfully I won't become the Uni-bomber due to it.
Theres soo much to learn in c++ isnt there, we could all spend our lifetimes learning and never dent the ultimate potential of the subject guess thats why sharing knowledge and helping those that are learning seems to be a great and noble coding tradition.

The subject is huge and theres no way of measuring progress once you have reached a certain point, bhx specter your waaaay ahead of me but i just want to be good enough, lots of people are learning for the sake of learning which is a great thing, just theres going to be a hurdle before each new thing, sounds a little grinding; go to Hawaii and come back and aproach the bugs all fresh (i always wanted to drink out of the coconut in a hamock, thats like the ultimate thing that can happen to a man on the telly box)

I think algebra is the most important programming thing i could learn right now.

EDIT: and smoking cubans (i like the odd cigar makes me feel like the cheese, but a freind bought cigaretes back from cuba they were amazing some scousers asked me for one it was the last one, i watched them pass to each other as they walked away, it was clearly the nicest tasting thing they ever smoked )
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BHXSpecter, it's unfortunate that a few people on a forum had such a negative effect on you, but the judgement of some troll with a keyboard and a modem who doesn't know you at all doesn't mean jack. They're insults and judgements are unfounded and worth ignoring; furthermore there's clearly a lot of people on this forum who know you well and know you are intelligent and capable. Niels Bohr, Erwin Scrodinger, and Werner Heisenberg didn't give up on quantum mechanics when Albert Einstein spent years trying to tear down their work (which has been proven correct), so why would you let some strangers on a forum stop you from accomplishing things?
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I don't know how to challenge myself. I started doing Project Euler and got to problem 5 before I couldn't figure out how to solve it. Outside of PE I don't know of any other way to challenge myself.
I agree with ascii, who cares what some jerk on a forum thinks, some people just like bringing others down to make themselves feel better. I'd also add that I doubt you are a member of that forum to feel bad about yourself, maybe you shouldn't be there, post your questions here instead. As for a challenge, the IRC client you had was a good one and I think I'm going to try it. Like you I have no experience with Qt and extremely little with the IRC protocol ( I "wrote" a very simple chat bot about a week ago that only connects to a channel, and most of the socket code I pulled from the net), we can work together, break it into small pieces and learn as we go.
I been wanting to do that fur ages.

oh yeh happy xmas peeps :)
yeah dont listen to internet people they can say what they like without thinking or having to deal woth the consequences, imagine if everyone was like that in real life! you cant take anyone who is like thats word to mean anything can you
A few posts didn't bother me, but a few posts every week for 11 years did. I was told this site and cprogramming were terrible sites and told that SFML and SDL were still in the infancy phase so I should avoid them. I've left several times and ultimately went back only because it is the only library I know how to use (and even that I don't know much about it). members have got onto me saying I've always been negative, but I posted my first posts I ever made there where I was ambitious. I remember saying I ultimately would love to make a Chrono Trigger fan game and almost instantly got called out, being told that it was impossible to do a game of that caliber, and that I was stupid to think I could even ever make it to that kind of game by myself.
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