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This has nothing to do with programming, but i was wondering what you guys would do if you had 3 wishes from a genie and why. No wishing for more wishes! I'll start:

1) I wish to go back in time to 1988 and warn Audrey Hepburn of the cancer so she could prevent it and save her life.

2) I wish to go back to exactly the time i left, in exactly the same condition as i was before the time travel except for memories.

3) I wish for more genies!
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Why in the world would you wish for that? And how does telling someone they'll have cancer saves their life?
because if she had known earlier it would have been more preventable. They only found out when it was too late. You can read up on it. it was a cancer that had been growing for many years but only became evident when it was too late.
Well, if you had a genie, you could wish she hadn't had cancer at all. Or that nobody had cancer ever. Or that nobody ever died at all. Though I'm not sure that would be a good thing.
Anyway, why do you feel Audrey is more important than everyone else?
good point. i might have not thought that through.... i think i would wish then that cancer didnt exist. :P what would you wish?
those are good, i would wish for audrey hepbern for a start (good call shes ten better than marylin)

i would go back in time and tell myself that i love basketball and coding so i would be really good now

i would also wish framework had a warm heart and no one believed resident biscuit when he says im a troll

(im not people just dont like it when i make threads like this)
I guess I'd do what Solomon did and ask for more wisdom so I can do something useful with it (and the other two wishes). I wonder if it's allowed to ask for omniscience...
If you're going to ask for omni-anything you may as well ask for omnipotence so you can grant your own wishes.

After wishing for omnipotence, I would wish for a rock so heavy that I couldn't lift it, and then I'd wish that I could lift it.

what about miss Hepburn?
I think that omnipotence alone might make more harm than good. It should probably be bundled with omniscience at all times.

After wishing for omnipotence, I would wish for a rock so heavy that I couldn't lift it, and then I'd wish that I could lift it.
Why not just ask for a paradox directly?
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I was going to be cute and make up some wishes off the Christina Aguilera song "Genie in a Bottle".

So I looked up the lyrics, but then realized the lyrics not only did not mention anything about wishes, but were so stupid I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

True story.
I would ask for a time turner like in harry potter and infinite genies, so i could travel through time and wish for anything. The omnipotence thing would be cool, but it would also be dangerous, because you could wish something by accident. With genies, you have to actually ask one for something before it happens. and besides, with infinite genies, you could also give yourself omnipotence or take it away any time you like
1) M240 with a lifetime supply of ammo.
2) Lifetime supply of medicine.
3) To live the rest of my life with these, in a sturdy mansion, right in the middle of a Carboniferous swamp forest.
1) Infinite Life Time.
1) Intergalactic space travel.
2) No lag.
3) Travel back in time to make myself invest a bunch of money into a proper company so I can be rich without causing inflation.
It's impossible to go back in time and change only one thing (it's impossible to go back in time at all, but let's forget that), any action you performed would have much more far-reaching implications than you might expect.
It's impossible
You're in a three wishes genie thread!
@Chis, note that there is no way to check what you said. The world seems chaotic but it could be really stable for all we know.
It's impossible
You're in a three wishes genie thread!

This. I'll just modify my wish so that's the only thing I change. Granted, I can think of many possible consequences of this action, but whatever. I have a genie damnit!
Well, okay.

Yes, but it wasn't in his wish for it to not have any other consequences.

I didn't mean that you might accidentally change other things at the same time, I meant that the consequences of the one thing you do change could be completely different to what you intended. Unless you explicitly state in your wish that you wish there weren't any other consequences, but then there's no point in using such a convoluted method, you could just say "I wish I was rich without it effecting inflation".
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