Ubuntu VMWare login issue

I've been trying to log in to my Ubuntu VM at work and having no luck. I can login as guest just fine, but whenever I try to login as my user account, the screen goes back and flashes a message about battery state, then cycles back to the login screen. I've tried booting in recovery mode and making sure my vmware-tools is up to date and still same issue. Any ideas?
> I can login as guest just fine
┬┐you broke your configuration?
It should be (but it is not) as easy to delete $HOME/.config

Try without X.

As a workaround, $ su username
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su username doesn't work as guest. Guest has no permissions really.

I'm not sure how the config would be broken, it was fine when I left Friday and I didn't do anything to it.

Fixed it finally. Logged in via tty and had to change the ownership of .Xauthority. Not sure why or when that got changed.
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