Raspberry Update!

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Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that Raspberry Pies are flippin sweet!

I've gotten mine up and running with some c++ code, and it's mega fun! I've been learning nano and I haven't used a nicer programming environment! Some of the hotkeys are super weird, but it's nice to not need a mouse.


I'm currently working on a program that will take the output from g++ and try to auto correct the errors in my code =] then I'll make a program that makes simple programs! All I need is a battery and I have a fully mobile c++ development environment, one of my biggest dreams! Unfortunately I haven't been able to install any graphical libraries because of my lack of an internet connection and inability to connect it to the library's internet, but soon! Then I'm adding a couple buttons to the front using the GPIO and I'll have a sweet little gameboy/dev environment!

Are you all excited for yours? Are you getting one? I can't wait for minecraft! In addition the new store thing will be a sweet place to upload all of my games! Are you all planning on making anything on it?

What an exciting little device =] I'll let you know how everything progresses!
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Hmm you just made me super jealous -_- I'm gonna have to get one of these after the holiday season. Sounds awesome
mine came in the post but i had to leave it behind to have xmas with gfs family...i need to get a power supply yet so i got it but i cant play with it...its painful...i envy you :.(
I got mine, and by a stroke of luck, the charger for my phone is perfect as a power supply for it (5 V d.c., 0.7 A). The OS dev thing isn't going so well though, it doesn't seem to want to load it. Ah well, I'll figure it out.
You like nano? Wait until you try vim! Awesome power.
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I haven't used a nicer programming environment


I don't even...
nano really isn't bad when you get used to it, especially if you get its syntax highlighting set up and run it in a decent (and resizeable) terminal emulator window.
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I had some updated Pumpkin Pie for Christmas Dinner today. It was pretty freakin sweet to, and just a hint cinnamony. I tried writing some C++ on it but it didn't compile. :( No errors either, I think I may need a new IDE for it.
Darkestfright wrote:

I don't even...

Lol, okaay that may have been a stretch, but it's not bad at all!

Raspbian has vimtiny but it seemed to fail explosively on the pi... But c++ code runs great! Haven't had a chance to get OpenGL or SDL running yet, but soon we'll try out some of my old games! (awww yeah connect four ftw)

The little screen came in literally a day! The quality isn't bad, and it runs on relatively low power, all in all it's a pretty snazzy little setup. Without initial internet it is a rather dull experience though, all console programming- though I may toy around with the x environment until I get a chance to download some necessary libs.

On that note, anyone working on some awesome and efficient OpenGL ES games they want to port to the raspi?

I was fixing to get one of these, is it worth it?

i love mine, it just sits there in its box, i love it.

sometimes i cuddle it in bed when my gf is out.

i need a power supply though, it just sits in its box.

cant wait to use it.
You need to supply your own power supply?
Yes, something like a phone charger or Kindle charger. I run mine from a powered USB hub.
Samsung's Galaxy phone chargers fit perfectly. Idk about any other phones, but that's what I use.
chrisname, have you done anything with a wi-fi or bluetooth USB dongle? I'm hoping to find ones that I can put in different modes for a bit fun.
Nope, all I've done so far is put my OS on it to test it. Can't get it working at all.
I don't know if you have seen this...

Baking Pi - Operating Systems Development

and the forums on raspberrypi.org (Bare metal in particular)
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I've been following that, but I can't get his code to work either. I wonder if it's because I'm using a microSD card with an adaptor rather than an actual SD card. I can't remember if Raspbian loads correctly or not, I don't think I tested it, actually.

Thanks for the forum link, that'll come in handy.
I remember reading somewhere that microSD cards with an adapter may not work. I bought a handful of cheap 8GB Kingston SDHC (Class 4) they work well so far.
Damn, I don't have any SD cards. I suppose I could buy one, but it seems like a waste since I have a spare microSD (8 GB, the one I use is 64 GB).
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