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Try the 8GB one. The Kingston I use are £2-3 each...so its not the end of the world
I can afford that. I got the second part of my student loan on Monday :)
What is the Euro to USD conversion? :P Can I use a external hard drive with mine?
€ are Euros. Grey Wolf is in England :P
But I think the pound is sitting around 2:1.
If you want to convert from one currency to another, Google does a pretty good job. You have to put in the three-letter name of the currency, though, so Great British Pounds is GBP, US Dollars is USD, Euros is EUR, etc.

There's currently $1.60 to £1. It hasn't been 2:1 for a while (edit: I think the last time it reached/exceeded $2 to £1 was in 2007).
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I was in England around ~3 years ago and the exchange rate just murdered me. It was still pretty close to 2:1 back then.
spose if you can find work here for a short period though you would be laughing all the way back home.
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Does SDL work nicely with it?
raspberry pies are awesome. what c++ compiler does it use. also I heard you can use python on it. isn't the OS like Linux

these guyz'l set you straight, PI allready has Python XD
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