What is this folder?

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I am running Windows 7 and I decided to clean out my files to conserve memory. All this is normal. But, I came across this folder:


It had folder and files like 1025, 1028, etc. and files like setup and strings. What is this folder and what is its purpose. I managed to get into only one folder, for it takes a good deal of effort.

I decided to clean out my files to conserve memory
Hilarity ensues.

I have nothing like that, so I'm guessing it's some kind of temporary directory a setup program made while it was installing something.
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Alright. Do you think it would hurt my system to delete these folders? And also, why is it that, even though I am an administrator, it required me to specify permission for each folder and file? Thanks for the answer, though!
I've seen similar directories like that, nothing bad happened when I deleted them. I think Windows Update or some other installer creates them.
Yeah those random (hex i think???) digits. I got one of those folder by getting a Mouse&Keyboard Center download.
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Thanks for the support!
Yeah, those are hash tags for some software install, where it cached some needed files in your drive for use later in the install. They're safe to delete. It's not uncommon to see Windows Update create them, and numerous other Microsoft softwares do also.

Hilarity ensues.
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They're called GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifier; also UUID - Universally Unique Identifier - on UNIX). Hashtags are those annoying things on Twitter.
hash keys** was the word i was looking for. Not sure why i spit out "hash tags." But i would still have been incorrect, just less stupid looking. lol
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