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Functional Languages and Programming Competitions

Why are there no functional languages allowed in competitions like the IOI, the COCI, ect?
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Because somebody that uses Lisp instead of Java has an distinct advantage hehe.
So? They might have a disadvantage with speed.
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┬┐why are you asking here?
Go issue a request to the ACM.

meanwhile, you have google code jam and the icfp programming contest.
Script Coder wrote:
So? They might have a disadvantage with speed.

Not really; Haskell and Erlang can give C++ a run for its money, and if the problem benefits from parallelisation, they can easily outdo C++. Purely functional languages scale better with multiple threads and cores since they don't deal with thread synchronisation due to not allowing mutable state. It's a very unintuitive way of programming, but you end up with less code, less bugs and often better performance.
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