Wolfstein 3D and C++

Hello everyone. From today and for the next fex months I have to think about writing a C++ project for my computer science class -I'm an undergraduate student of Physics.

Professor told us we are free to choose among our ideas, yet I'm feeling very strongly that I could be interested in developing some simply-computer game.

I was intentioned to follow as a model another classical game such as the Castle of Wolfstein, or Pacman.
But I don't know where to start from ... I mean, I have some knowledge of C++: indeed this is the exam final assignment, yet as a physicist I've always used C++ as a tool for "numerical analysis".

How can I start developing something?

Thank you in advance!

Why don't you create a numerical analysis program, then?
How long do you have to create that project? If it is short, you should just whip up SDL and make a mario platformer.
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